Translation Services

Sumaa Language and Culture Institute offers a high-quality Thai language translation service at competitive rates. Whether it’s English to Thai or vice versa, you will receive reliable and efficient translation services from our professional translators who possess broad experience in translation and localization industry.


We always deliver your projects on time, every time!


Guaranteed by experienced and qualified team of translators.

Fair prices

We offer the best quality translation for the best prices.


We can translate different subjects and various writing styles can easily be adopted, e.g. for marketing, manuals, information, questionnaires, letters etc.


We consider the confidentiality of your translation as our utmost priority.


We deliver your translations in many ways: by e-mail, on disk, by fax, or as hard copy (via snail mail or courier).

Translation Fees

Language General Text Technical Text
Thai-English 800 THB/page 1,200-1,500 THB/page
English-Thai 650 THB/page 800 THB/page


  • All translations are based on 300 words/page regardless of font size and/or spacing.