About Us

Welcome to Sumaa Language and Culture Institute - the BEST Thai language learning center in Bangkok!

When you move to Thailand for business purposes or to retire, learning the local language can be an invaluable skill that can be the difference between enjoying your new life and feeling isolated. At Sumaa Language and Culture Institute, we believe knowledge of Thai is important for expats looking to stay in Thailand. This is why we offer a range of Thai language courses that are suitable for all levels of learners.

If you’re looking to learn Thai language in Bangkok, Sumaa Language and Culture Institute is your best answer. We are a complete Thai language learning center aiming to make Thai language learning fun and easy, thus encouraging your learning ability. We also combine Thai culture in every aspect of the curriculum for the best approach to your learning experience.

With our professional academic team and experienced Thai tutors, you can be assured that our curriculum is of the highest quality, well-planned and specially designed and developed to ensure that students will be able to confidently communicate in a proficient and natural manner.